Celebrating over 127 years of top competition.
July 21-23 2024 sponsored by MVP Sports
2024 will continue with the successful 5-Man Team format. Each team will play Fours & Singles, Triples & Pairs.

Image of winners from 2022

Congratulations to the 126th W.O.B.A Winners

Martin Foxhall
Desmond Tibby
Rob Galipeau
Erik Galipeau
David Llewellyn

7 Days Of Competitive Fun Bowling

Bill Boettger Memorial - July 20th - Heritage Greens LBC - Kitchener - More Info

127th W.O.B.A. - July 21st-23rd - Heritage Greens LBC - Kitchener

WOBA Master Board Event - July 24th - Heritage Greens LBC - Kitchener

Milton Skins - TBD - Milton LBC - More Info