Schedule-The 124th W.O.B.A Men’s 3 Day Event

Cost Per Team $400

Heritage LBC 600 Heritage Drive Kitchener On N2B 3T9

July 21 22 23

Sunday July 21 Registration 8.30 Start Time 9.00am


Monday July 22 Start Time 9.00am

Triples and Singles

Tuesday July 23 Start Time 9.00am


Conditions Of Play

2018 W.O.B.A Conditions of Play



1.    Teams will consist of four players. Each team will play Fours, Triples and Singles.

2.    The team with the MOST wins through the three disciplines will be the overall Team Champion and the winner of 2018 W.O.B.A

3.    Sunday and Monday games will be pre-drawn according to the number each team picks at the time of registration. Each team will receive 5 scorecards with green assignments ( Sunday and Monday).

4.    On Tuesday each discipline Fours, Triples and Singles will be seeded into groups of four and two games will be played in each discipline for all 16 teams.

5.    Three (3) points will be awarded for a win, 1 point awarded for a tie and zero for a loss.

6.    Fours and Triples matches will be ten ends while singles will consist of 2 seven end sets with a one end tie breaker if needed.

7.    Triples will be two bowl triples (6 bowls total for each team).

8.    We will be using the re-spot rule when the jack is killed.

9.   Teams must be ready to play as we will be pushing games along. If you need to leave for lunch please ask a committee member before doing so.

10. Slow play will not be tolerated. Please be aware of the restriction of movement of players during play.


​  Restrictions on the Movement of Players during Play

a.      After delivering their first bowl, players will only be allowed to walk up to view the head under the following circumstances. Players will not be allowed to visit the head more than once before delivering a bowl.

i.Singles games – after delivery of their 3rd and 4th bowls unless the marker authorizes a visit after the 2nd Bowl.


a.                   Leads after delivery of their 3rd and 4th bowls

b.                  Skips after delivery of their 2nd, 3rd and 4th bowls


 .                    Leads after delivery of their 2nd bowl


11.                       The team with the most overall wins throughout the three disciplines on the three days will be the overall winners. The first tie breaker will be the teams overall Margin for the three days of competition.



The W.O.B.A Committee and MVP Sports are excited to see the new format take shape. If you have any concerns or suggestions on how we can improve this format for the following year (2018) please don’t be shy to tell us. We are trying to make this the premier event in Canada so all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your commitment to W.O.B.A.

Created by WOBA 2017