With more than $7500 in cash and prizes on the line players were on their A game..
Over 3 days of competitive bowling The Final Day showed some teams jockeying for position to reach the Finals
Congrats to Darryl Fitzgerald Jurgen Fessler Michel Larue Mike Wagner 2018 Champions

2018 WOBA Champions 🏆🏆

Team Fessler

Daryll Fitzgerald

Michel Larue

Jurgen Fessler

Mike Wagner

2nd Team Milligan

Dan Milligan

George Boxwell

Chris Stadnyk

Owen Kirby

3rd Team Nelson

Steve Nelson

Rob Behncke

Rob Steffen

Dave Steffen

4th Team Kinney

Joe Kinney

Stewart Potter

Rusty Ruggles

John Campbell

5th Team McNorton

Mike McNorton

Kody Olthof

Josh Cameron

Gary Lemieux

6th Team Wright

Wayne Wright

Ryan Stadnyk

Tom Phillip's

Lee Ryan

7th Team Zwiers

Lyall Mix

Everett Zwiers

Scott Fisher

Norm Gatt

8th Team Caswell

David James Smith

Don Caswell

Dave Austen

Bob North

Event Winners

Singles Team Milligan

Fours Team Milligan

Triples Team Nelson