Info Page Men’s 3 Day Event

PLEASE NOTE EVENTS FOR 2020 (This Page Will Be Updated Based On Entries Received)

Cost Per Team $500 (Includes 4 Tickets To The Sunday Night Banquet)

Heritage LBC

600 Heritage Drive Kitchener On N2B 3T9

July 19 20 21

Cancellation Policy

No Refunds After June 30th

Lunch Available Daily 

Cash Bar (Please Note No Drinks Allowed On The Greens)

Start Times 9am 

2020 W.O.B.A. Conditions of Play

1. A random draw will determine which group each team will be placed in.

2. There will be 1 group of 8 teams that will play a complete round robin. The other group will consist of 10 teams that will play same number of rounds (7) as the other group.

3. To accommodate 18 entries, we will be alternating between each discipline. While one group is playing fours, the other group will be playing triples and singles.

4. Fours and Triples will consist of 8 ends Singles 10 ends. All ends must be played as margin will break the ties between teams advancing to the prize matches. In the event of inclement please continue playing until called off the green by the umpire or W.O.B.A Committee. The W.O.B.A committee and umpire will act as the emergency committee for the duration of the tournament. In the event of bad weather please do not leave the venue until the committee has informed you to do so.

5. We will be using the re spot rule. If the end is killed the jack will be placed on the 2-metre mark on the centre line of the green.

6. Teams can switch their order of play after any game. Teams can also change disciplines after a game is completed.

7. Restriction of movement between the players will be enforced. In fours the leads, seconds, and vices must be at the opposite end as the skip. Slow play will not be tolerated. Please ask the umpire to visit the head if you need to. Common Sense should prevail.

8. Each team will play 7 matches in the round robin. A match consists of a team playing fours, triples and singles.

9. Fours 2 bowls, Triples 2 Bowls, Singles 4 Bowls.

10. 2 points will be awarded for each discipline win while one point going to each team in the event of a tie.

11. Total number of points will determine final placing in your group. If there is a tie between teams with the same amount of points Margin will be the next determining factor. In the event of a tie after Points and Margins we will use number of ends won to determine higher ranking team.

12. There will be a presentation to the best team in each discipline. The top team in each discipline will receive a monetary award. These presentations will be done before we start the final match on Tuesday.

13. The Championship match will be between 1st place in group 1 VS 1st place in group 2. Second in each group will play for 3/4th place. Third place in each group will play for 5/6th place. Fourth place in each group will play for 7/8th place.

14. Teams will play Triples and Singles first. In the event a team wins both disciplines there is no need to play fours.

As always WOBA will include all the camaraderie and fun associated with what we expect at a WOBA WeeK

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